Pure nation

Hypothetically, the Jewish nation could impose all its current Jewish people to go through one quick and unique conversion for some, and for others a second. And this one quick and unique assessment/regiment will suggest all the current Jewish people, naturally, to whether consciously or unconsciously to either consciously or unconsciously choose to take a sit or a walk; as a scaled worldwide sifter that would make Israel and its people pure—a world deprived of any goy to ever shit on your head, on your blood, on your star—once more. One world. One people. One race.

Antisemitism 4

“You people, the Jews, are the main problem in the world,” sure we are. Especially when it comes down to your wives and husbands, families and friends, neighbourhoods and cities, countries and democraties. We sure are, us, the Jews; a small numbered, reclusive, and humble population who are gifted, smart, heroic, charismatic, strong, beautiful, and among many godlike attributes and qualities the best survivors for over 2000 years. And of all the rest of the population on earth you can think of including your little selves we are the main source to point at and out blame your SHAMING problems. Hold her. Hold her.

Dirty little secret

Shalom to my Jewish parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents and so on so forth who survived persecution, slavery, and war which somewhere, sometime out of possible boredom two people have made it possible for this little me to happen. It’s just that I am practicing what I am going to say when the world is going to ask about my invisible family relevant history. Great. Thanks.