We have been taught in the Western world that being independent, non-attached, and by oneself is a virtue. An empowering freedom and a sign of strength; doing anything you desire, whenever you want. I reckon that since many years now it has only made my life dull and meaningless; doing anything I want, whatever and whenever I desire. I guess this Western world world was never meant for me, and neither is.

Antisemitism 4

“You people, the Jews, are the main problem in the world,” sure we are. Especially when it comes down to your wives and husbands, families and friends, neighbourhoods and cities, countries and democraties. We sure are, us, the Jews; a small numbered, reclusive, and humble population who are gifted, smart, heroic, charismatic, strong, beautiful, and among many godlike attributes and qualities the best survivors for over 2000 years. And of all the rest of the population on earth you can think of including your little selves we are the main source to point at and out blame your SHAMING problems. Hold her. Hold her.

No souls

I’ve always been perplexed as to why is it that in some places people would steal from each other’s and others work, style, and ideas like it’s a normal thing, just like breathing. And then I lightened up, it got to me; these places will do shit like that all day long without giving it a second thought. A learned behavior that has become a second nature. It is because these communities/societies whatever you want to call these-punks-like to live the poser/wannabe outlaws lifestyle where nobody and nothing else matters but themselves. They like to spit and smear on anything and everything they touch or come into contact by and wrap up with brat smirks while representing nothing less, nor short than their despicable, ugly, and worthless “individual” faces-hide your tattoos.