Aliyah 2

Nowadays, you’d need to become a freshly out of school rabbi to make Aliyah; and even then, in any day, your ass might be showing up on the blacklist.

Paperwork 5

I’ve got the Jewish DNA ancestry proof, the Jewish medical research proof, the Jewish family name connection proof; And what do they want from me—a letter.

Vision 2

Patience, patience; One day, I will get through and out with the paperwork and obtain my one-way ticket flight and out I will be gone from this shithole. In a heartbeat, I will hand over my old passport at the Israeli border so we can take care of it by burning it to the ground. In the mean time, let me just complain some more—baruch Hashem.

Dirty little secret

Shalom to my Jewish parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, great-great-grandparents and so on so forth who survived persecution, slavery, and war which somewhere, sometime out of possible boredom two people have made it possible for this little me to happen. It’s just that I am practicing what I am going to say when the world is going to ask about my invisible family relevant history. Great. Thanks.