Stranger: Who/what are your inspirations.

Me: Nobody.

Stranger: Explain.

Me: I mean we live in a world where everything, and everyone has shaped/influenced us at some point or another in some way or another in how we express ourselves and that’s the beauty of becoming. Therefore, upon close examination at something or someone anything will naturally remind you of someone or something else. However, oddly as it may sound, I was just brought up into a world without being driven into any particular stupid hero figure per se. Like I often feel; not human.

Bottom line I am not like you, and I will never be like you. What is good for you might not be the best for me, and what would be healthy to you might not be so great to me. Let me deal with the tobacco smell for a little peace of my mind; it’s okay, don’t be so not envious—by the way, I came too short for Rosh Hashanah this year; it’s okay, don’t be envious.

Guess what. I have paranoid squizophrenia, gender dysphoria, and I meet all 9 traits of borderline personality disorder found in the DSM-5. Not promiscuous. I am technically exempt from ever working again due to PTSD, triggers, stress-related patterns, anxiety, traumas, etc. But, instead I choose to work it up from home on my own pace and rhythm following my passions. In the meantime, I am supported by the health care system every month so I can survive paying for my rent, bills, food, etc. I am not scared of you. Bitches.