Born in Casablanca in the late 80’s destiny had led me for an arrival in Canada in the early 90’s where the remaining of my childhood memories had me creeping in the Italian neighborhood of Montreal, Quebec.

Based in the suburb area of Montreal I have a definite liking in painting, writing, and witchcraft. I am also very fond of the classical genres, and the sober aesthetics.

On a typical day during the year 2012, my mind lures off at a strange set of boxed drawing pencils resting silently on a coffee table. In 2017, I started painting.

In 2016, an empty notebook was drown. My words couldn’t be held anymore, and I started writing.

My witchcraft comes from ancient Egypt and farther back which my Mediterranean roots and enigmatic lineage give a unique vessel and energetic blend that is very compelling. I have been studying the occult for over 15 years. In 2013, I had been shown my path; it’s awakening, and worked on my ancestral gift ever since.

Self-taught and independent. My work has and still undergo meticulous and strenuous research, discipline, and training with respectful help, ethics, and guidance from my spirits; I do not associate myself with any groups, individuals, scenes, cults, covens, and/or alike. 

I hold strong values in justice and the law of nature where life & death is a healthy process of manifestation. I only use vegan, animal cruelty-free ingredients. My work is handmade quality.

Ms. Amine Batbouti 

The bell rings as one grows; the cloak shrinks, the holes rip, and the skin shows.
People forget your mistakes and in return they will never forgive you for success.
I live inside the dark; where it is neither right nor wrong.
I don’t believe in suicide. But why?—it is because I hate cheaters.
Trust in life, and for the rest that is up to you for the worst or the best.
Be your own inspiration; absolutely and selfishly so that your expression is forever yours.
They kicked me up with hopes and wishes to sit me down—I had done very well at being a good patient.
The downfall of an artist begins when they start to let go of being themselves.
In my roots be secure that I won’t be let down for which us belong to the above and beyond.
People are going to laugh; they first laughed at my name for I was born a writer.
Given the proper support, anyone who tries very hard in a field can be good at it. However, why would you live up the dream of someone else life’s purpose.
Do I have a cigarette—no.
If all the gossips and rumors slandered about me had been true then I wouldn’t have made it—and I have fucking made it. I’ve made it by myself.
Brought into life by an unloving mother and father—and I am shedding no tears.
Strong people are living their lives whereas the weak, at the bottom of the food chain, are looking to sue you for it.
An empty shell forms: 0-4 months. A soul incarnates the fetus: 4-7 months. An infant is created: 7-9 months—dodge a bullet, or forever bite it.
What science can or cannot prove a mystery; nature had been, is, and will always be.
Anything that you sacrifice for the sake of love is never an evidence of love—bitch I keep my name.
Their is another religion and sect and government who treat their people as slaves and cattle. And they have been eating and drinking.
The ink on my body have been purposefully chosen based on raw and gross forms which can only be then deciphered by the self. A forever dialect unbeknownst to others.
Dare not hate nor mock of my image for which I didn’t come unto this world without.
I do not strive to become famous, popular, or loved by the world—I have better things to do.

All my blessings go to the addressees, experts, and professionals who had helped, saved, and supported me throughout my journey; thank you.

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