“Please there is no need to take off your gloves, hat, nor coat in here. No really there is no need to bother yourself in here. Oh no please really there is no need to make yourself feel like that in here,” moral of the story—give it up; keep your gloves, hats, and coats on.

Fatal attraction

Stranger; “What’s so funny.”
Me; “An ex who still whines about you even after you’ve gone off the map for over a year—and I just feel like it’s pretty fucking hilarious isn’t it—shut the fuck up.”

Coming down

An ignorant racist dumbass might one day be knocking on your door asking about the relation of your ethnicity and skin colour; listen, you wanna talk colours let me take a shot. A black colored person is Black, a white coloured person is White, and a yellow coloured person is Asian. These are found in, and called the three main races—the mainstream. Now, if you blend that shit it gives you a whole spectrum of mixed colours which over time had been linked to certain tribes that has come to be easily identifiable. These tribes fall into the sub-races and one of these sub-races is my race—the Jew race.