Stranger: What did you dream about last night.

Me: I was harvesting berries at a war zone field when suddenly I found a perfect cluster to photograph when my mother calls me and started crying like nobody’s business.

So I have started the paperwork process for making Aliyah; the transitional ascension, to my homeland Israel. With the past challenges of paperwork needed for sex reassignment surgery under my belt—no pun intended, I digress—thereof, I just know that I can go through just anything. Literally. Anything.

“It serves no purpose at all,” the goyim people compliment in disguise. In other words, why would you even wanna still care for it if it has already been taken care of—”but it’s true,” isn’t. Fucking goy.

Patience, patience; One day, I will get through and out with the paperwork and obtain my one-way ticket flight and out I will be gone from this shithole. In a heartbeat, I will hand over my old passport at the Israeli border so we can take care of it by burning it to the ground. In the mean time, let me just complain some more—baruch Hashem.

We have been taught in the Western world that being independent, non-attached, and by oneself is a virtue. An empowering freedom and a sign of strength; doing anything you desire, whenever you want. I reckon that since many years now it has only made my life dull and meaningless; doing anything I want, whatever and whenever I desire. I guess this Western world world was never meant for me, and neither is.

Stranger: What did you dream about last night.

Me: I was working at a local pizza shop when suddenly I got fired for no reason at all and my father put me back on and started to torment them all like nobody’s business.