The goal of the victims are to scare the neighbours off their property from knocking/ringing at their doors. You put up the psychological show so to make up your environments and yourselves look bigger and meaner for some, and for others smaller and friendly. The kids do still come at your doors taxing your livelihoods, while their parents shy away at a distance bitter they sent their kids and not themselves; they would have asked for your cakes, cars, couches, ovens, computers, radios, and TVs. Finally you give up, so every year you think of destroying pumpkins by carving them into mocking grins and lay them on your porches as so to say; “Fuck us,” who aren’t getting these.

Stranger: What did you dream about last night.

Me: I got off the bus when suddenly a man follows me armed with a bloody knife on a slippery night so I threw my bag at him and started headbutting like nobody’s business.



The meat and dairy industries has brainwashed us to such a degree that we don’t see/perceive the butchered animal in their final products. But, little did they know that amongst many reasons one of this learned behavioural detachment would make the vegan product counterpart king in the end. In other words; from animal or plant, given the choice of two identical products in the nutriment, taste, and texture an already detached person from the animal form aka the “meat” would indubitably choose the latter. Shame.

So apparently, I’m still attending class in my fucking dreams. The teacher goes; “When the heart stops it acts like a super brain, it makes many calculations as the brain makes one calculation, and then another one—but this one it forgets about it—it was only relevant just so to make a third calculation. And that’s how the human brain comprends information by grouping with formulations,” And the students go cheering nuts, blowned away by the teacher. I thought; Ew, look at them. Wait. I thought that was only an introduction.