I’ve had a dream and within that dream we were referred to as; “The two girls.” Now hear me good there was Hell on earth. And on that earth, Hell was spreading thick and mean taking everything with it—non discriminatory. It didn’t hurt; hell no, it was non discriminatory. And so I didn’t want to get wet I skipped back and looked over my shoulder only to find a haven, but within that haven you could lay your feet safe and sound on a place where you could find nobody—else.

Ever thought about what to use for all of you sensitives who sleep & dream about the ultimate all purpose cleaner; what about baking soda, warm water, and manual scrub. What about going crazy and dash it with essential oils, lemon juice, natural soap, white vinegar, and/or what is left of your dignity.

Instagram has just took off, for a testing now, the ability to view from the viewer’s perspective how many likes a post gets; not so much of a competition of numbers now, eh. Let’s see the real matter matters—your motherfucking content.

The truth is that one who wants to pass as someone else will always be off. An off beat view about the way they look. An off beat intellect about the way they sound. An off beat feeling about the way they act. An obvious and rudimentary learned social behavior which would be typical and expected of that said individual, or race; I mean there are reasons why spies are on a timed schedule.

How to spook yourself up; wake up forgetting about your last dream and have the brilliant idea to give yourself a self-reading about it. Only to find yourself a few minutes later remembering; and that also, you’ve just got a taste of its deadly accuracy.