As a small child I believed the teachers saying that everyone is equal, and I thought, “Blend me in!” But that was a lie; and as I grew up I could fly and see over their shoulders the stars having their own planets.

Spell workings will be available some time for purchase.

How I work;

I value honesty, respect, and reliability. All communication and information are strictly confidential: clients, messages, names, birthdays, addresses, and photos are kept private.

There are 4 types of spells to choose from: banishing, binding, curse, and hex. 4 blocks of hours: 3, 15, 30, and 60 hours. 4 different intensities: light, medium, heavy, and VIP.

You purchase a block of hours from me which then I use these hours during my work. *Individual hours can be an option which adds to your chosen spell longevity and power.

  1. After you request a spell from me, I invite you to include a short message regarding the situation. Please wait for my response—in case it hasn’t reached through, look over in your junk email folder. If I accept to work with your situation, I will include a link to complete the purchase.
  2. Once the payment has been received, I gather and prepare the materials and ingredients best suited for your request and intensity.
  3. Second last, I email you confirming that the spell is ready and a picture of the first ritual is sent to you as a mean of direction that the casting has been undertaken.
  4. Upon completion of the block of hours, a final email is sent to you.

In general following the completion of my work, the results are shown within the first and second month. Effects might also happen earlier, or later. It is very important that the client keep an open mind and do not dwell about the situation, the working nor the outcome so to not create friction with the energies.

For any other magickal inquiries, I am open to take special requests as experimental. Send me a short message through my website contact page:

Pricing: CAD 200$/hour

Worksheet and System by Amine Batbouti

Block # Hours Working Intensities Spells
1 3 Light Banishing, Binding, Hex
2 15 Medium Banishing, Binding, Hex
3 30 Heavy Banishing, Binding, Hex
4 60 V.I.P Banishing, Binding, Curse, Hex

*Individual hours can be bought after a block has been primarily purchased.

Ms. Amine Batbouti

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Hypocrites build their lives lying, pretending, and covering in a common structure and feel the right to point and judge others spitefully. They think of this world a means to an end for an afterlife to buy as with gold and chains. Now realize the weight of a leg and its flesh; feel its density, gravity, and solidity. Join your hands together and beg your God is good because it ain’t the end.